Newbury firewall replacement
Scheduled for Jul 13, 10:00 - 13:00 AEST
Impact time: Up to 90 minutes

Location: Newbury Data Centre, London

Predicted impact:

- Some DR or development sites will be offline for up to 90 minutes (affected clients have been notified individually)

- Some IPsec VPNs will be offline for up to 90 minutes

Work description:

Our proactive monitoring has identified a risk of upcoming failure on our DR site firewall cluster. As a result, we will be replacing this cluster with new hardware.

The new firewall cluster has been pre-configured, and Squiz Support staff will be performing the following tasks during the above maintenance window:

- Physically disconnecting the existing firewall cluster.
- Physically attaching the new firewall cluster to the network.
- Powering on and activating new firewall cluster.
- Ensuring that all services are up and running correctly.

During this work all traffic to production sites will continue to flow as normal.

If you have any queries regarding this maintenance, please contact your Squiz account representative or for more information.
Posted Jun 17, 2020 - 13:45 AEST
This scheduled maintenance affects: Squiz Cloud Hosted Instances.